The cARTed Picture Show
cARTed Series n.132 - avril 2002 - Bourg en Bresse

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Martin C The Fashion DJ

photo : Andy Tan
makeup & hair : Ferry van der Nat @ House of Orange
outfit : Dirk Schöneberg @ ZPR
thanks : Rolf D.I.M.
Alan Rowe @ SPACE
Djarling of Scandinavia

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Martin C. de Waal
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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I want to show the ab­sur­di­ty of our mo­dern exis­ten­ce in a se­duc­tive man­ner using the ico­no­gra­phy of our ti­me. To play with sym­bo­les that trig­ger an cer­tain emo­tion and mi­xed them with an con­tra­dic­tio­na­ry one
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