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cARTed Series n.149 - mars 2003 - Montpellier

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Véronique Champollion
"Victoire séchant ses larmes"
(relief de la balustrade d'Athéna Nikè, vers 2003 ap J.C., musée de l'Acropole, Antipolis)

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Véronique Champollion
Antibes, France

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her paintings are small je­wels. In the spi­rit of Le­wis Car­roll, they ap­peal to the child in us. Her craft­sman­ship is su­perb. Ty­pi­cal­ly, with im­pec­ca­ble art scho­lar­ship, she pa­ro­dies an exis­ting ima­ge and of­ten re­pro­du­ces it in mi­nia­ture scale
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