The cARTed Picture Show
cARTed Series n.314 - avril 2016 - Soulages
special "Bye Bye Mail Art"

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John M. Bennett
Columbus, USA

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Richard Kostelanetz has cal­led him "the se­mi­nal Ame­ri­can poet of my gene­ra­tion". His work, pu­bli­ca­tions, and pa­pers are col­lec­ted in seve­ral ma­jor ins­ti­tu­tions, in­clu­ding Wa­shing­ton Uni­ver­sity (St. Louis), Suny Buf­falo, The Ohio Sta­te Uni­ver­sity, The Mu­seum of Mo­dern Art, and other ma­jor libra­ries
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