cARTed Series n.220 - avril 2007 - Mont Saint-Michel
special "Le Solitaire... des marées"

carte postale de Jean-François Aillet

Collect of raw material : 89th sand collected.
Sable collecté aux abords de Nemours, Forêt de Fontainebleau, par Martine Mougin et Frédéric Pollet, artistes plasticiens, pour le projet "Le Solitaire... des marées".

The goal / to collect 7,000 sands in order to :
1 - Create a place of sands from all the seas of the world. They will be displayed around the square of the project called "Le Solitaire... des marées".
2 - Collect enough silica to make the glass that will be used to realize the diamond. This diamond will be placed at the top of the architecture.

To be part of it :
1 - Select a beach. Then, collect 1/2 a liter of sand.
Have a picture of yourself made while the collecting. Indicate where you are from and the place where you collected the sand.
2 - Send your sand and the pictures to JFA